Apple MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Center in delhi

Apple MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Center in delhi

Apple MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Center in Delhi– Of all the ways you can damage a MacBook, this is probably the hardest to fix. A typical liquid-damaged MacBook has a bad motherboard, sometimes in combination with other bad components like the display, speakers, battery, etc. Along with repair skills, one must practice good judgment – which parts should be restored and which parts should be replaced? Given the reliability and endurance of a MacBook, how much money should be invested in a repair? Should we try to repair the damaged but functional part? We provide transparency and detail as well as our recommendations, so that you, the customer, are involved in all decisions.

How to Protect and Fix a Water-Damaged MacBook

Apple MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Service Center in Delhi – Your MacBook got water damaged? Don’t worry because you are not the only one who drinks while working on their device. Water damage on MacBooks is more common than you think. Many people around the world face this problem and successfully repair their devices without spending hundreds of rupees on new parts. In this post, we’ll look at several techniques and tips for repairing a water-damaged MacBook unless the damage is so severe that you need to go to a professional.

Fastest turnaround time
Time is money. We make repairs faster, it saves you not only time but also money. We are a specialized Apple service center, and most of the parts are usually in ready stock.

Skilled, Certified Technician
All things discussed, the quality of service is as good as the skill of the repairman. Workmanship matters!

Quality parts, warranty
At Mac Solution Expert, we use only high-quality spare parts. All repairs take a minute. Not only does the tool work, peace of mind is paramount!

Shut Down the MacBook and Leave It for a minimum of 48 hours

The second thing you should do immediately is turn off the MacBook (if it hasn’t already) and leave it on for at least 48 hours. Yes, experts strongly recommend not to turn on the device before the recommended time is completed.

If your MacBook is not responding, press and hold the Power button for at least five seconds until the notebook turns off.

If the notebook does not turn off when you press and hold the power button, your keyboard may be damaged and unable to give a “force shutdown” command to your MacBook’s logic board at the software level. In this scenario, you have to shut down the laptop in a different way.

Blot up any remaining water from the keyboard surface, touchpad, and screen using a tissue or paper towel. Now close the lid to enable the hardware-level sleep sensor. The logic board gives a signal to disconnect power to the screen, SSD drive, CPU and other supporting circuitry. If the lid remains closed for a long time it remains in shallow sleep state for some time before going into deep sleep state. During deep sleep, all power to the memory chips is cut off, protecting your laptop’s RAM, CPU, SSD drive, and screen.

Place Your MacBook (Non-Retina Model) into a Tent Position to Drain the Water

After turning off the MacBook, fold it into a tent to drain water. But wait a second before turning your laptop into a tent position!

Remember that the tent approach only works on pre-2018 MacBook Airs or pre-2013 MacBook Pros with non-Retina screens. Due to the front metal frame (available on the MacBook Air) or front protective glass (available on the MacBook Pro with non-Retina screen), these notebooks have watertight screens. As a result, they are equipped to prevent water from entering.

Apple, on the other hand, removed the protective glass and aluminum frame from its latest MacBook models with Retina displays to make the computer thinner and lighter. Due to the lack of protective coating inside, these laptops are not as water resistant as previous versions. As a result, do not set your MacBook with Retina display in a tent position, as this could allow water to enter and damage the screen.

To help MacBook models with Retina display safely remove water, carefully place them at a 90-degree angle on the edge of a table and allow them to dry. Place a paper towel under your MacBook’s screen to protect it from scratches, drops, and water that drips from the screen.

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Why Choose Us?

Services TypePrice Starts From
✅ MacBook DiagnosisFree
✅ Pickup and Delivery DELHI NCRFree
✅ Screen Replacement₹5500, 2 Year Warranty
✅ Logic Board Repair₹1699, Up-to 6 Months Warranty
✅ Keyboard Replacement₹1499, 1 Year Warranty
✅ Battery Replacement₹2299, 1 Year Warranty
✅ Charging Port Replacement₹1699, 1 Year Warranty
✅ Liquid Damage Repair₹1699, Up-to 6 Months Warranty
✅ Trackpad Replacement₹1699, 1 Year Warranty
✅ SSD Upgrade₹3999, Up-to 5 Years Warranty
✅ Best Repair and ServicesAll Apple Device

5 Reasons To Choose Mac Solution Expert In Delhi

There are many things that can help us out of competing in the repair market.

  1. Consultancy at Absolute Zero Fee.
  2. Experience of more than many years (Expert).
  3. Damage protection up to INR 10,000.
  4. Provide only quality and authentic parts with 90 days warranty.
  5. Free pickup and drop facility.

Why Choose Mac Solution Expert For MacBook Repair in Delhi ?

Services Offered

At Mac Solution Expert Nehru Place, we provide a wide assortment of fine MacBook repair services

  1. Battery Replacement
  2. Screen Replacement
  3. Logic Board Repair
  4. SSD Upgrade
  5. Trackpad Replacement
  6. Liquid Damage Repair

With a network of quality repair centres in Delhi NCR Mac Solution Expert is the best Apple Service Centre for MacBook Air & MacBook Pro repair in Delhi, which are done by greatly skilled technicians of the Mac Solution Expert Repair Centres.

Service at Your Convenience

You get FREE pick-up and drop service for your MacBook at your site in Delhi as per your selected time slot. However, you can also bring in your MacBook for the repair at the Mac Solution Expert repair centre in Nehru Place.

Why Choose Mac Solution for MacBook Repair Service in Delhi?

Doorstep Service for Free

We offer FREE Doorstep Service in Delhi for all MacBook repair services. Our customers are the driving motivation for us to work smart hence, we fix their devices at their convenience at house without charging any visiting fee

Assured Warranty on All MacBook Repairs

We select high-quality spare parts, and therefore we give an assured warranty extending upto 1 year on all repairs and replacements done by Mac Solution Expert .

Usage of High-Quality Parts for All Replacements

Mac Solution Expert uses high-quality spares for your MacBook. The replaced spare parts come with an assured warranty, and our warranty period for spare parts is not less than three months.

Trained Professionals and Well-Equipped Repair Centre

All service staff and technicians at Mac Solution Expert facilities in Delhi are trained and industry-oriented to repair MacBooks.

Pick up & Drop for Free

Our free pickup and drop service anywhere across Nehru Place is a boon to those who are too busy to visit the Mac Solution Experts repair centre directly.

Multi-payment options

For the ease of our customers, Mac Solution Expert offers multiple payment options at repair centres, like:

  1. Net Banking or Mobile Banking
  2. Cash on Delivery (COD)
  3. UPI (Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe)
  4. Pay Cash/Online After Service

Apple MacBook Products We Repair in Nehru Place

Mac Solution in Nehru Place excels in the service and repair of all models of Mac, whether Desktops or Notebooks like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro, are repaired by trained technicians and high-quality tools.
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