Macbook Pro | Macbook Air Liquid Damage

Macbook Pro | Macbook Air Liquid Damage

Urgent Action Required: Power Down Your MacBook Pro / Air Immediately due to Liquid Damage

MacBook Liquid Damage? No need to panic if you spill water on your MacBook Pro / Air.

Here’s How You Might Be Able to Prevent Liquid Damage

Step 1: Promptly power down your MacBook Pro / Air.

For immediate action, if your Mac is still powered on, shut it down without delay. Hold down the Power button until the Mac turns off, or alternatively, shut it down using the Apple menu. Don’t be concerned about your documents for now, as OS X Auto Save should take care of them. Right now, your primary focus is on preserving the Mac itself.

Step 2: Unplug All Other Cables / Cords

Immediately disconnect all external devices, such as displays, monitors, external hard drives, mice, and keyboards. Pay special attention to powered devices, as they could potentially cause a short circuit. Disconnect everything to ensure safety.

If it is feasible, try to disconnect the battery as well. Note that many newer MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models have internal batteries that cannot be removed. However, if your Mac has a removable battery, take it out without delay. This step is crucial to minimize potential damage.

Step 3: Thoroughly dry OF any visible water.

Now that all power sources are disconnected, proceed to thoroughly dry off all visible water until it is completely removed. If available, use a cotton towel due to its high absorbency, but paper towels can also suffice. Give special attention to the keyboard area, as water can easily seep under the keys.

For those with technical expertise, patience, and the appropriate screwdrivers, there is an option to disassemble the machine and dry out its internal components. However, this method is complex and goes beyond the scope of this article, so it’s essential to exercise caution.

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